Seaside Gardens


The Salamis Gardens Project, of Turkish origin, is located in the Yeniboğaziçi (Aysergi) – Mağusa region, near the ancient city of Salamis. The project area is only 750 meters from the sea and is adjacent to many hotels and tourist areas. It is close from here not only to the best beaches of Northern Cyprus, but also the entire island (Kocareis, Venüs beach, Mimoza beach, Glapsides).

These apartments have 36 apartments with fireplaces and air-conditioning infrastructure. There is a 200m2 swimming pool outside, surrounded by palm trees and other plants. The total area of the apartments is 6,700 m 2 . There are also separate car parks at the disposal of residents.

All apartments have two bedrooms, a toilet and a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. The lower flats have terraces and the upper ones have balconies and roof terraces.

The beautiful Mediterranean landscape can be seen from the window, balcony or from the rooftop terraces. This apartment is ideal for family holidays all year round.

The “Salamis Gardens” is the best choice for those who want to spend their holidays in the eternal summer country of Cyprus.

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