Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is part of an island that is surrounded by the beauty of nature with  unique historical heritage amazing beauty beaches, 340 sunny days a year, sea water transparency and  majestic beauty mountains. The unique ecosystems carefully guard Cypriot traditions.


The island of Cyprus is famous for 9 months of summer. An average is 340 sunny days a year.

The climate in Cyprus is considered to be one of the best for life and health.

In summer, the air temperature rises from 25 to 35 degrees above zero, but doesn‘t feel so strong because of green and sea. In spring and autumn it ranges from 23 to 27 degrees. In summer, spring and autumn, water at sea rises to 23-25 degrees. In winter, the air temperature is about 18-22 degrees, and in mountainous areas it may drop slightly below zero.


According  the Interpol  data, the crime rate in Cyprus is 6 times lower than the Western European average. Cyprus is considered to be one of the hottest and safest places to live, grow healthy children and stay calm for the safety of your family.

Cypriot cuisine and restaurants

Cypriot cuisine is a legacy of Mediterranean, South European and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is a satiated dinner table that resembles the culture and traditions of Greece, Turkey and Lebanon.

Eating for Cypriots is one of the pleasures of life. Much time is spent on cooking and enjoyment at that. Greek‘s living in the northern part of the island cuisine is similar to Turkish because of the flow of relatives from the continent.

In Northern Cyprus, you can find both local and European cuisine from snacks, bars to gourmet restaurants. Recently there have been exotic cuisine: India, China and Thailand.

Education and science

Education in Northern Cyprus is of the highest quality because the country is committed to European standards. The diploma of educational institutions in Northern Cyprus is accepted in many countries of the world. This is because  in northern Cyprus are several world-class universities.

Unlike the US and European science in Northern Cyprus, it costs less while the quality of science studies remains high. By the way, education is another way to get here.


Northern Cyprus medicine is quite high. Medical centers and clinics as well as hospitals are equipped with the newest equipment, so doctors can use modern technologies for treatment. This area is fully in line with the best international standards and trust in North Cyprus diplomats from the United States, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

North Cyprus beaches

Northern Cyprus is famous for its variety of beaches and the transparency of sea water. The most beautiful beaches of Northern Cyprus (Silver Beach, Palm Beach, Long Beach, Majestic Beach) are located in the Famagusta district. Some beaches are hidden behind hard rocks and are characterized by exotic flora and fauna, where rare animals and birds can be found here.


In Northern Cyprus are four main  type of transport: private transport, car rental, taxis and airport buses. Short distances. It should also be noted that Cyprus has a well-developed infrastructure for families with children.

Northern Cyprus entertainment

Northern Cyprus can offer plenty of entertainment: hunting, fishing, cruises, horse riding, golf, bowling, go-karting, quad-bike rides in the safari. Extreme sports activities can be used for windsurfing, diving or water skiing.